Some people, through the past years, gave their relevant contribution to the development of laboratory activities. Marco Torelli, as manager of the Centre of Gemological Analysis Masterstones, wishes to thank them.

 Alberto Scarani, gemologist.
Wise adventure sharer, during the several gemological evenings dedicated to the processing study, has profusely contributed to the laboratory cultural growth.

 Emanuele Scotti, gemologist.
He has actively participated to the laboratory foundation, and intensively worked for four years, drafting  base analysis protocols. The structure grew on this stable foundations.

 Gianluca Conti, gemologist.
Has been performing for years a precious analysis work, always keeping the same precision, even in maximum pressure moments.

Gioacchino Tempesta, gemologist and researcher at Department of Earth Sciences of Bari University.
Always available for dialogue, he provided important scientific information which deeply contributed to complex gemological studies.

Michele Macrì, administrator at Mineralogical Museum of “La Sapienza” University of Rome.
Besides participating to some “gemological evenings”, has always been available for confrontation and development of topics connected to gemology.

Mikko Astrom, gemologist.
Thanks to his engineering and IT expertise, he supported, from Finland, the building of an excellent  UV – VIS – NIR setup, developing a software for the spectrum acquisition, oriented to colourmetry.

Paolo Cerruti, gemologist.
Excellent photographer and IT technician, he gave his knowledge for the building of a photo – micrographic stationing, crown jewel of the Analysis Centre. Furthermore, he participated to the development of this web site.