Secrecy and Privacy Protection

Protezione dati

Masterstones protects and respects its Customers secrecy. Analysis documents are anonymous and only contain data regarding gemological materials undergoing analysis. Data (either personal or commercial) provided while delivering the objects to be analyzed will not be made known. The registered images during both delivery and pick up operations are kept for 30 days and then canceled.

Briefing note under article 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/03.

In compliance to what Legislative Decree 196/03 foresees, the Centre for Gemological analysis Masterstone shows all information concerning the purpose and mode of each user personal data processing, the field in which they will be communicated and spread, the nature of data it has, of their protection and license. This paragraph as well might be edited or updated.

  1. Processing purpose: The web site of Centre of Gemological Analysis Masterstone can be anonymously visited. Visitors accepting to provide certain data, will benefit from information and services for registered visitors. Visitors could be asked to provide following data: name and surname, address and telephone number, email address, account registration data. All information provided by web site visitors or laboratory Customer will be kept in a company file and aimed at improving our services and communication with our customers and visitors. The data spontaneously provided by visitors will be processed with the only purpose of providing requested service, drawing accounting entry and the linked law and contract compliances. In such cases no treatment consent will be required, as foreseen by points b) and d) of art 24 of the Legislative Decree 196/03.
  2. Treatment mode: the treatment will be performed either with or without the help of electronic and automatic means and will include, in compliance with limits and conditions set by article 11 of the Legislative Decree 196/03, all operations foreseen by art 4. Comma 1, point a) of the Legislative Decree 196/03, required for the above mentioned processing, and complying with minimum measures of safety and privacy foreseen by existing law.
  3. Communication field: the processed data will be communicated to persons to whom the faculty to entry data is given by law and regulation provisions, by community rules, by internal operational procedures and instructions, to all our employees and to all co – workers, carriers, freelancers and consultants appointed for the drawing of accounting documents.
  4. License nature: data license is mandatory for visitor as far as all the above mentioned purposes are concerned. Therefore, the refusal, either partial or total will lead to the inability to provide service and sue the above mentioned purposes.
  5. Data subject rights: in compliance with article 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/03, the visitor has the right to know, at any moment, the data we own and the way how they are used. Furthermore, he can ask for an update, integration, reply, ask for them to be blocked and oppose to their processing by a proceeding towards the processing owner mentioned hereinafter.
  6. Processing owner: the processing owner, in compliance with article 28 of the Code dealing with personal data protection, is Kairos Italia S.r.l., a single – member company, located in Rome, Via Roberto Alessandri, 6/a, telephone n., fax n., email address: