Masterstones will be the sponsor of the 4th Italian Meeting of Scientific Gemology which will be held in Naples from September 29th to October 1st 2013. The event will be organized by the “Centro Musei delle Scienze Naturali” of “Federico II” University of Naples and by the University of Bari, with the contribution of the Government Department responsible for historical, artistic and ethno anthropological heritage and for the museum organization in Naples and in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Naples and representatives of the business, gemology and goldsmith field, both national and regional. The meeting aims at highlighting the important role of scientific research and of youth training in the gemological and goldsmith field, and at gathering the several people working to make a real and profitable synergy.

The topic of CIGES 2013 will be “Gems: from identification to traceability. Gemological, commercial and legislative problems”.

National and foreign specialists will discuss different topics, particularly focusing on innovations – not setting tradition apart – on enterprises internationalization, and on the field perspectives, also considering the new rules the Government is currently evaluating. The meeting is addressed to both researchers of different branches of Earth Science and businessmen working in the gemological and goldsmith field and it aims at contributing, through the transmission of new skills on strategic factors, to the development of business productivity, efficiency, competitiveness and at fostering the territory development.


On September 29th people attending the meeting will be welcomed in the prestigious “Complesso dei Santi Marcellino e Festo” located in Largo San Marcellino, 10, where they will be able to admire the fabulous church designed in 1626 by Giovan Giacomo di Conforto, the courtyard by Giovan Vincenzo Della Monica built between 1567 and 1595, the Museum of Paleontology in which halls the nuns held their chorus and the main hall of the convent completed in the first decades of the XVII century.

On September 30th, in the majestic building of the Chamber of Commerce in Naples, wanted by Giuseppe Bonaparte in 1808 in Via S. Aspreno, 2, Civilian and Academic authorities will welcome guests and scientific sessions will start.

Some people will be invited to speak for about 40 minutes and 20 minutes scientific communications are also foreseen. Furthermore, a round table will be held and really important Professors, Gemologists, Traders and Politicians will attend it. A picture session focusing on the meeting topics will take place in the beautiful rooms of the “Museo Zoologico”, wanted by Gioacchino Murat in 1813.

On October 1st the meeting will continue in the beautiful frame of the “Real Museo Mineralogico” located in the “Complesso Monumentale del San Salvatore”, the most ancient part (it dates back to 1500) of “Federico II” University, located in Via Mezzocannone 8.