Lightening tools

Light sources have been really carefully chosen. We wanted the best lamps and optical fibers for a proper vision in all working situations.

Lampade a spettro variabile

Lampade a spettro variabile Oxibo

Changing spectrum lamps
These polychromatic lamps, fully powered, are the best tools for the current illuminating engineering, they implement the power electronic adjustment and allow to choose and balance the more suitable kind of light (which usually varies from 3.000 to 60.000 K degrees) for the material to be analyzed. Thanks to a special reflector, which gives back the 98% of the transmitted light, and to the lenticular screen with an auto – settable focus, a particular light shade can be concentrated in a certain area.






Lampade a luce nordica

Lampade a luce nordica Oxibo

Nordic light lamps
Powered lamps equipped with 6.000°K fluorescent tubes, can be used for all gems and built jewels color evaluation operations. The emitted power, as far as transmitted light is concerned, is huge and can be adjusted either manually, through an electronic dimmer, or automatically, thanks to the “Full Light Control” System. It automatically corrects the intensity, according to the environment color variation.











GIA Diamondlite

GIA Diamondlite

GIA Diamond Lite
The diamond classification comprehends the color survey through the comparison between the examined gem and some comparison stones called “master stones”. Such comparison must be performed without color alterations, using a 6.000°K white light. The Diamond lite box is considered as the best tool for this kind of analysis.






Lampada UVI-GEM

UV Lamp
High contrast box with 366nm long wave and 254nm short wave UV lamps. The power absorbed by minerals through the exposition to UV light is often given back as visible light. This optical effect is called fluorescence and is really useful for the identification of gemological materials and for the distinction between natural and synthetic gems.