UV–VIS–NIR Spectroscopy


Rodonite spectra

 Rhodonite absorption spectrum

UV – VIS – NIR Spectroscopy is one of the most classic techniques in spectroscopic analysis. Through this method data about the bodies structural features can be gained. This is possible by studying the interaction between matter and electro – magnetic power. A high spectrum source (Xenon) energizes the sample to be examined, which partially absorbs radiations and partially releases them again. In the area between 200 e 1100 nms, absorption lines are studied through a diagram. UV – VIS –NIR spectroscopy is particularly useful for the recognition of gemological materials and is an essential tool for the laboratory daily activities. Besides the setup with complementary sphere, the Centre of Analysis Masterstones is provided with another device equipped with a probe enabling to gather spectrum information in case it is not possible to use the traditional tool, for example when the jewel is built or the mineral has an extraordinarily big size.

Sfera integratrice del setup UV-VIS

 UV-VIS-NIR integration sphere