Weight calculation

Mettle XC5

Mettler MX5

Mettler Toledo MX5
Incomparable performances and accuracy (0,00001 ct), make this micro analytic scale essential for the univocal identification of the analyzed gems mass. Two separate units, namely measurement cell and a command terminal with HCT touchscreen graphic indicator. Entirely automatic adjustment (regulation and linearization) with inside weight. Applications for ordinary weight measurement, pieces calculations, weight measurement based on percentage, differential weight measurement and density measurement. Two planned proximity sensors (“SmartSens”) avoid vibrations due to contacts and speed the operative recurring phases up.






XS205 Dual Range

Mettler XS205 Dual Range

Mettler Toledo XS205
Compact desk scale (0,00005 ct) with separable measurement terminal, wide weight space with side shutter which can be manually activated, a hanging, not swinging weight plate, Smart Grid grill to minimize the influence of the air motions.









Bilancia idrostatica

Bilancia idrostatica

Hydrostatic Mettler CB603
Density is an important diagnostic element. It is determined as the ratio between the mass of a specific material and the one of a 4° C water volume. In the past, the specific weight was calculated using different tools including pycnometer and Westphal scale. Nowadays, density is calculated in a fast and exact way with the help of hydrostatic scales.












Mettler CB603

Mettler Toledo CB603
Trustful, easy to use operative scale. It is one of the most appreciated ones in the jewelry – goldsmith field.