CIGES 2011

CIGES 2011

Masterstone will be the sponsor of the 2nd Italian Meeting of Scientific Gemology, CIGES 2011, which will take place in Bari on June 20th – 21st at the University of Bari and at the “Accademia Pugliese delle Scienze”. Its topic will be: “The diamond: mineral, material and gem”.

The Meeting calls upon both researchers (especially young) and talented people working in the goldsmith, gemologist and commercial field.

National and international specialists will discuss the following topics:

–          Innovative nondestructive analysis technologies aimed at recognizing synthetics, treatments and provenience places.

–          In – depth analysis on the most recent synthesis and surfaces treatments methodologies.

–          National and international situation from scientific and political point of view and subsequent repercussions in the trading field.

The meeting is aimed at giving to mineralogists, material scientists and gemologists the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and make a positive synergy from which scientific, social and trade community can take advantages.

Days planning

The meeting will take place on June 20th at the “Palazzo Ateneo” and on June 21st at the Geomineralogical Museum of the “Palazzo di Scienze della Terra”, in the University Campus.

It will be opened on June 20th in the “Salone degli Affreschi” of the “Palazzo Ateneo” and important Academic and Civilian people will attend. The opening conference will be held by Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri, Speaker of the CIBJO – The World Jewelry Confederation.

General reports lasting 45 minutes and 20 minutes speeches upon invitation are scheduled.

Young people will have the opportunity to attend a picture session, which topics will be not necessarily linked to diamonds.

After the meeting a round table will be held at Auditorium of the “Cassa di Risparmio di Puglia” Foundation and really relevant Professors, Gemologists, Traders and Politicians will attend it.

People willing to attend the meeting will have to pay the following amounts:

–          25 € for young researchers and students;

–          150 € for other people.

The above mentioned amounts will have to be paid by April 30th 2010, otherwise they will rise to 40 and 200 €.



People attending the meeting will have special fares for staying in hotels agreed upon with Bari University. Since places availability is not that wide, we suggest to book as soon as possible.

The amounts will have to be paid on bank account n. 133 registered to ARGOCEM srl

UBI – Banca Carime Fil. Bari Ag.1 – abi 03067 cab 04001 – iban IT29D0306704001000000000133
bban D0306704001000000000133

You can confirm participation to the meeting to the following email address: and by fax to number: 080.5442585

For further information please call the following numbers:

Prof. E. Scandale – Tel. e Fax 080.5442585 – e-mail:
Dott.ssa M. Santigliano – Tel. 080.5442598 / 3382691026 – e-mail:
Museo di Mineralogia, Univ. di Roma “La Sapienza” – Tel. 06.49914887 – e-mail: