Jewels Gemological Check

Jewels gemological check document

Jewels gemological check document

The Center of Analysis Masterstones perform technical surveys on built jewels, gaining all needed data for a scientifically reliable diagnosis. Investigation is performed for all kinds of gems, evaluating mass through mathematics calculations.

Jewel description
The jewel is described in its overall shape and composition, evaluating the metal kind and color, the gems’ number and color, the trade mark punching and metal title presence. The kind of metal is shown by a chemical analysis.

Gems features
Gems’ kind, their number, mounting type, calculated mass, shape, cutting, and possible artificial treatments are shown here. As far as the diamond is concerned, the following further criteria are considered:

–          grade of inside features expressed without downgrade (IF/VVS, VVS, VS, SI, P);

–          color, indicated twice (e. g. F/G);

–          fluorescence;

–          proportions;

–          finishing.

As per colored gems, refraction index is indicated, when it is possible to determine it. The suitable procedure, already described in the “Color gem analysis” section is anyways used on color gems. Documents are signed by at least two analysts.

The analysis document drafts leads to the creation of a folder comprehending different documents during exam. Such documents are signed by analysts with maximum secrecy. The folder has the same number as the analysis certificate and can, therefore, be easily tracked down. We need to point out that the documents do not show the name of applicant. In order to ensure a bigger analysis documents integrity, applicants can check their own document entering its number.